Making graphic sense

It’s like a question of dress sense, really. You listen to the words spoken, evaluate the strength of their arguments, but… all you can think of is the color of the tie or that weird thing on top of his shoes.

‘I have seen’ carries much more weight than ‘I have heard’. Likewise, the way your business card feels between the fingers speak volumes of your company. Superficial? Yep. Important? You bet.

So. How you look matters. Your words are your words, but our job is to make the tiny letters that form those words tell a story all by themselves. And to make sure that the fine flashy image right next to them is relevant, appealing and more.

Like a good tailor, markcph is dedicated to making you look your best. The studio is located in Copenhagen and founded by Mark Winkelmann, who, for more than two decades, has been making graphic sense for both major corporations (being big doesn’t mean looking boring) and innovative start-ups (you might be small, but you don’t need to look it).

We work in print design, logo and stationery, advertising and digital. If you have time to browse through our work, you’ll find that it is normally colorful, often edgy and always with a distinct visual style. What you perhaps can’t see is, that we deliver on time and within budget, always.

If this makes sense to you, you’re welcome to drop us a mail.