The big picture. The small details.

I design for print and digital. I design logos and I create strong brand identities.

I paint the big picture. I add the small details. And I put the two together, across all media. On the distant billboard you pass in rush-hour traffic. On the phone, inches from your face. Or in the magazine on your living room table. I make sure you can see the big picture, your brand’s DNA, even in the smallest detail. 

I work with my team or as part of yours. On project basis, or in partnerships spanning many years. Like what you see? Send me a mail. Who knows where it may lead?

Work that creates a difference.

Yes it’s work, but it’s playful. Some designs are loud and entertaining, some are serious and minimalist. I like to think they share a distinct visual style. I aim for a contemporary edge, rooted in classic tradition, something that feels new, yet made to last. If that is the look you want, send me a mail.

Me. Mark.

I’m Mark Winkelmann. Trained in type, decades of experience with design, packaging and brand identity. I started my design studio in 2005 and have had the pleasure of working with some remarkable clients and colleagues for some outstanding brands. 

I love the design process, playing with form and function. It’s still a process of discovery to me, finding ways to merge the new with the classical and create communication that stands out.

Let’s talk.